Pavol Kakačka



A concept of framework with an artificial semi-intelligence for the development of information systems.


Can you imagine a system intuitive and smart enough so it's possible to replace a development IT department?
We can.

The profession of analyst, programmer and tester are constantly replaced by something called 'artificial semi-intelligence'. The path of the new product from 'business user' will be shortened of the IT department, in a while. The users with a particular permission will design the application functions by themselves and will be able to 'communicate' right with their information system. And that all without waiting or dependency on the IT teams.

We called this a 'pure business IT'. The processes are designed by the users for themselves while management would be able to reach a better control. The IT services won't be drags anymore and the business people can focus on the most important stuff - making of money.

This system will be launched during this decade.
We are opened to investors to accelerate our project.