Pavol Kakačka



A tool for an automated testing of database data and structures.

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The tool is used for the fully automated testing of three things in the database:

  • user data validation tests
  • database structures tests
  • control of programmers whether they program correctly according to the rules.

Simplicity, effectivity, speed

Simplicity, effectivity, speed

  • The tool can run and evaluate the tests in the stated time.
  • It is possible to set up the conditions or launch time by every test.
  • There is a responsible person for each test.
  • Each of the tests is understandable to another person.
As I have said - quick, effective, simple.

Simplicity, effectivity, speed

You can see here a developmental tool in which the application was developed also with the part of the source code. The form in the right part reveals how the main window of the application is viewed by the programmer before the 'compilation' to the executable form for the end user.

(Note: The images relates to the state of the application of the 2004)